Zuo yue zi: A feminist inquiry on tradition in the West

I am currently recruiting Chinese mothers in North American to participate in a research study on postpartum embodiment, specific to the confinement practice of zuo yue zi.

Giannina Ong is a graduate student from the women and gender studies department at University of Toronto. She is currently recruiting new mothers to take part in a study that illuminates the realities of the postpartum period and zuo yue zi. In order to qualify for the study, the mother must be over 18 years old, identify as Chinese, and taken part in zuo yue zi in the past two years. The interview itself will take 60-90 minutes and will be conducted over Zoom until COVID-19 restrictions are loosened. The researcher will ask questions about zuo yue zi, the woman’s postpartum body and feelings, and then ask the mother to share two photos (one of the woman pregnant and one of the woman during zuo yue zi) to discuss bodily changes and provide a visual element to the information being shared. A translator can be provided if the mother is more comfortable speaking in Mandarin. An Amazon gift card will be given in appreciation for their participation in the study.

If you are interested in participating in the study, please email giannina.ong@mail.utoronto.ca with the subject line “Zuo Yue Zi Study” sharing your name and availability for an interview in June 2020.