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I am Giannina (juh-nee-na): (1) Researcher and advocate focused on women's health and caregivers of individuals with developmental disabilities. (2) A lifelong learner and sharer of knowledge. (3) A social justice warrior. 

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Work & Education

  • Summer 2020

    Digital Content Creator @ 12M Recruiting & Ed Tech Recruiting // Research & Administrative Intern @ Abilitypath // Teaching Assistant / Zoom Facilitator @ PBLWorks (Buck Institute for Education)

  • September 2019 - November 2020

    Women and Gender Studies Institute, University of Toronto


  • Research

  • Systems Thinking

  • Marketing & Communications

The Latest

Assessing the Impact of a Patient Navigator Intervention Program for Vietnamese-American Women with Abnormal Mammograms

Breast cancer incidence among Asian Americans increased at a rate of 1.8% per year from 2014-2018,while the general population’s incidence rate remained stable. Vietnamese-American women have been found tohave the longest follow up time after an abnormal mammogram. This study assesses the impact of a patientnavigator program on psychosocial outcomes of Vietnamese American women who […]

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Asian American Alice Wong Forefronts the Magic Within the Disability Community

There are 61 million people in America living with disabilities. That’s one in every four people. While the wheelchair symbol is the most common representation of disability, many disabled people do not utilize a mobility device. (Some even have disabilities that are not visible at all!) Missing from society are everyday images of those millions of disabled […]

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