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I am Giannina (juh-nee-na): (1) A graduate student completing fieldwork and research on women's health. (2) A lifelong learner and sharer of knowledge. (3) A social justice warrior. 

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Laya DeLeon Hayes of “The Equalizer”: On Representation and Racial Identity

“We are seeing so many Black women, or biracial women like Kamala Harris, who are really leading a movement, and representing for all women of color out here. Black women have been equalizing for such a long time that it is only right that we represent that on TV.” It’s a poignant observation coming from 16-year-old actor Laya DeLeon Hayes

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Assessing the Impact of a Patient Navigator Intervention Program for Vietnamese-American Women with Abnormal Mammograms

Breast cancer incidence among Asian Americans increased at a rate of 1.8% per year from 2014-2018, while the general population’s incidence rate remained stable. Vietnamese-American women have been found to have the longest follow up time after an abnormal mammogram. This study assesses the impact of a patient navigator program on psychosocial outcomes of Vietnamese American women.

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